Casual Friday ep

by Raw Sex

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released January 1, 2014


tags: punk Boston


all rights reserved


Raw Sex Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Sex Wolf
A cruel circle that we live
"Blessed" would be a bullet into my head
For death is yet a doorway A limit in-between space and time

When the lights go out,
Everything that you've loved in life the memories cease to exist
So punch that ticket
Take that final trip
And show the world no sympathy if you're really feeling me

Cause we're all destined to turn to dust, so we might as well stop giving a fuck
No bosses, No bills, No Gods
Grab the clocks hands its about time we got lost

Cause there's nothing better then feeling like there's no tomorrow

So lets ride that fucking feeling straight into the ground

Set your house on fire, crash your fucking car
None of that material shit has helped you get this far

At the end of the day like the wind we're destined to disappear
I keep telling myself; "i've got nothing left to fear"

It's an easier philosophy to preach then lead
Just try and believe me
I just want my place in the sun.
Track Name: Brandon Michael Morgan
I dream of walking out that door
Running away from everything that i've know
Someday i'll really do it, just uproot and disappear

Take a step into the darkness
To find something that i don't have here
A separation to find a mental state
Severing off what's weighing me down
Discover what life has to off
And break down what i must leave behind

Your last chance to say good bye

Because my days just end when the case is empty
And when it comes to substance, i don't feel like i have any
Wasting away in this gray state
Opportunities tend to dissipate

The clouded thoughts that keep me awake
Will trap me 'til my rotten age
All i do is complain
About what could have been instead of what i've made

My job, my girl, my world
Lately i'm having trouble just giving a fuck
So i set it all to self destruct

I can't feel much
When i don't feel like living
I'll take what i've got
And pawn it off as a blessing

I set it all to self destruct
I'm mentally handcuffed
Take my American dreams
I've had enough

Just hang it up.
Track Name: Surf Song
Disappointment is a growing trend
Backstabbed by those i once called friend
This is a story that never seems to end

Things just happen to those with faith
And the longer you wait, the worse the pain
We can't rebuild if there isn't ashes at our feet

Collecting whats left of my dignity
I pack my bags i'm about to leave
It could be miles, it could be right down the street
A hopeless romantic i will always be
They can have those old feelings, the new ones will set me free

I've been to the bottom
So i reach for the top
My legs start to move
And i wont let them stop
The rain clears up and out comes the sun
I feel its warmth but i am all alone

But this time around i feel comfortable
As i hang my head high and crack a smile
As i watch the odometer tick another mile
Leaving the demons of my past behind
I guess this is a coming of age
I just hope that i dont break

Searching for sustenance in a smokey room
Feels like i'm dancing with wolves, nipping at my every move
I'm growing up and i'm getting cold
Turning a cheek to the things that i once loved.